Sonia Art

Claud Gate, Chicago You Are Beautiful

Claud Gate, It is Cold Outside

Claud Gate, Bean Shape

Claud Gate, Mirror of Myself

Chicago By the Side

Chicago Twice

Peaceful N-3

Rainy Day N-1

Rainy Day N-2

Blue Skyes N-1

Blue Skies N-2

Winter House N-1

Winter House N-2

Cabin N-1

Birch N-1 Triptych

Birch N-2 Triptych


tree N-1

Landscape N-12

Landscape N-7

Landscape N-8

Landscape N-13

Landscape N-1

Landscape N-14

Landscape N-11

Landscape N-5

Landscape N-15

Landscape N-6

Fall Landscape N-9

Landscape N-10

Cypress Trees N-2

Cypress Trees N-3

Cypress TreesN-4

Cypress N-5

Bamboo N-1

Bamboo N-2

Bamboo N-3

Bamboo N-4

Bamboo Trees N-5

Bamboo Trees N-7

Bamboo Trees N-6

Blue Tulips

Lake Forest Beach N-2

Lake Forest Beach N-1 Diptych

Lake Forest Beach 31 Diptych

Beach Day

Winter N-8

Happy Coins

Winter N-1

Winter N-2


Direct Current

Alternated Current

Over My Head - Diptych



Blue Lemons

Landscape N-4

Landscape N-3


Arise N-1

Arise N-2

Arise N-3